About PLT:


Peacing Life Together helps individuals who are in need of change become educated and empowered to Transform Grief into Growth.
OUR MISSION is to bring awareness of new perspectives and provide various training delivery methods that will enhance life and coping skills.
OUR VISION is to empower all people to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset in their personal and/or professional lives.  

Peacing Life Together offers grief recovery, life coaching, educational training, corporate support services, and products. 


Our services are good for individuals who are:
























“The race is about the baton, not the runners”, Dr. Jeff Myers. In life, we dream. Some of those dreams are attainable, some deterred and some are revolving doors. Whatever stage you are in, we encourage you to continue working on the dream to make it a reality and a success. Continue at a steady pace, focus on the goal ahead and prepare yourself to pass the baton to help someone else realize their dream.


At PLT, The Baton Pass approach symbolizes paying it forward. Once you’ve experienced and completed one of our sessions, we pass the baton to you and set you on a path to give back. It is at this moment, as a participant, that you begin the race of paying it forward to others who need a hand-up in your community.

We help individuals gain tools and techniques to set new goals and effectively respond to and overcome overwhelming situations.
Our alternative coaching methods are utilized through private one-on-one sessions, group sessions, workshops, and speaking engagements. Our techniques incorporate evidence-based programs, motivational products, spiritual applications and "Mindset Change 101", a personal and professional growth workbook. At PLT, we think outside of the box when it comes to changing how people think and
feel. Our work begins in the present and tackles current circumstances.

  • struggling with grief recovery

  • improving the process of personal and/or professional development

  • or both

Curtis T.

"In my experience with Coach McCain, she examines the levels of life and understands where a person is at so that she can coach someone on how to succeed even at their lowest point in life. She’s a strong, caring, and Godly woman who puts the peoples of this earth on the right track."

Dionne D.

“I was feeling stuck and unmotivated until I had the opportunity to work with Peacing Life Together. I have committed to moving forward in making real changes to have a better chance in life. Having a coach was so needed for me to shift my mindset about life circumstances."

Jess M.

"What is great about Coach McCain is that she approaches and guides each client based on their needs and what they hope to accomplish. She is gentle and kind, but fierce and indefatigable. She is honest and open. A strong will and open mind is all it takes to become the person you want to be."