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Peacing Life Together's Founder and CEO, Shirlonda Evans is organizing and managing a team of residents, volunteers, and sponsors to focus on the Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and Turpin Hill community in Augusta, GA. As a collective, we will work to create a blueprint to influence others while participating consistently in our engagement opportunities. 

Shirlonda noticed many of Martin Luther King Jr,'s streets around the world do not reflect his legacy of peace, love, and hope. Instead, the streets are filled with pain, crime, and poverty. There are over 950 streets around the world that carry the great Martin Luther King Jr. name, Over half of the locations are in poverty areas that have been overlooked for many years. With our effects, we would like to see the residents and community prosper. Our objective is to oversee a 1-Year Love & Prayer Works Experiment in Augusta, Georgia asking the question, "Do love and prayer work when done collectively and consistently over a period?"

Experiment question:
Do love and prayer work when done collectively and consistently over a period to produce desired changes?

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There are a lot of old things, old systems, old values, and beliefs that need to be let go within poverty areas around Dr. M.L.K Jr.'s districts.


Why are poverty rates almost double the national average in areas surrounding streets named after Martin Luther King Jr.?

1. Lack of love

2. Lack of prayer

3. Lack of knowledge

4. Lack of resources

5. Lack of leadership

6. Ancestral /Generational cursed



1. The strong-willed people

2. Community support

3. Access to resources

4. The difference between a politician vs a public servant

5. The success of participation at the M.L.K Jr's parade, 1/2022

6. The change of local statistics of crime, education, & employment


Theory to provide Predictions

As collectives, we will be able to repeatedly test and confirm our findings through observation and engagements. We will then be able to predict healthier ways to make positive changes within the communities that surround Martin Luther King Jr.'s districts.

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