Educational Training  

Peacing Life Together (PLT) provides Life Success Programs adapted for ages 11 and older. Our educational training programs are designed to help learners of various backgrounds who are in need of acquiring the skills that can be applied immediately to their everyday life in an interactive setting. Our trained staff understands the needs of the community and the challenges individuals face daily.​

In addition to conducting our programs directly, PLT also contracts with other organizations that serve individuals 11 and older. Our programs offer a 50- minute intermediate presentation and an accelerated hands-on workshop. Each presentation or workshop is tailored to equip participants with the tools they need to achieve positive outcomes. All workshops include an educational workbook. Presentations and workshops can be tailored to meet the budgetary and population needs of any organization.


Adult Students

Changing the Mindset 101 

Back to the Basic

50-minute presentations

  • What is a mindset and why does it matter?

  • Develop skills that promote long-term achievements

  • Foster more positive and creative thinking by practicing mindfulness regularly

  • Understand life purpose

  • Respond to and decrease fear and stress

Changing the Mindset 101 & 102


Individuals learn and practice tools and strategies to discover their strengths and weaknesses, develop a ‘do it now’ mentality, adopt fresh perspectives on past situations, achieve more and stress less and transform a fixed mindset to a growth mindset to produce more positive behaviors. As a result, individuals are more confident and productive to start living a purposeful life.

Social Gathering

Changing the Mindset 102

Life & Career Building


  • Develop a Mindset Plan

  • Understand and set SMART goal

  • Explore career paths

  • Frameworks for effective collaboration

  • Define leadership and recognize different styles


Group Discussion

Grief Recovery 101 

Introduction to Grief

50-minute presentations

  • What is Grief?

  • Identify losses

  • Grief process and responses

  • Grief assessment for self and others

  • Utilizing coping techniques

Grief Recovery 101 & 102


Individuals will learn techniques and mechanisms to understand and cope with the loss that causes grief. They will learn how to differentiate grief from unresolved grief, the grief process, identify normal grief and maladaptive grief responses, as well as understand anticipatory grief while managing their energy and emotions.

People Clapping

Grief Recovery 102

Growing beyond Grief

90-minute 8-week workshop

  • Explore different models of the grief process

  • Identify diverse types of loss and common experiences related to individuals

  • Distinguish different short-term energy relievers

  • Utilize healing techniques

  • Gain practical tools to assist self and others in healing