Loss, Grief, & Bereavement Support

Peacing Life Together provides emotional support and education about the grief process for those who have suffered from a loss through death or experienced a relationship loss of any kind. Working with Peacing Life Together's trained staff will empower you to see your loss and grief from a healing perspective. They specialize in loss, grief, and bereavement, which is a field not many people know how to successfully work within.


While our programs are educational, recovery from grief and loss is emotional. We guide individuals from their heads to their hearts by focusing on the feelings and emotions associated with loss, grief, and bereavement. We offer a variety of Grief Recovery Method® programs for individuals, groups, and organizations from all walks of life. The programs were developed by John W. James and Russell Friedman and have been used to help millions over the past 35 years.  How individuals deal with their losses can greatly affect different areas of their lives. The Grief Recovery Method® Programs gives participants specific actions to take, so they can recover from their loss and start living life again.

Individual Sessions

The one-to-one program tailors each session to its individual clients in a private setting. In our private sessions, we will help individuals develop a personalized, well-defined plan to successfully complete the steps to recover from the pain associated with the individual's loss. Programs are as followed.




      Group Sessions

Group sessions are tailored for individuals who would like to be accompanied by 1 to 4 other individuals. Ex. spouse, families, friends, and/or business partners. Please refer to individual services for offered programs.



Corporate Support 

Our Corporate Support offers a variety of programs to businesses and organizations to help bring awareness and lessen the impact of grief in the workplace and/or the clients served. Contact us to inquire about us holding a private/group session, educational program or a presentation for your business and organization through one of the following programs.

  • The Grief Recovery 7-Week Individual Support Program

  • The Grief Recovery 8-Week Group Support Program

  • Helping Children with Loss 4-Week Educational Program

  • Grief Talk Presentation

Community Outreach

Peacing Life Together facilitates a grief recovery presentation to help members within communities heal and grow from grief.  Professionals, caregivers and those who are grieving are encouraged to attend.


The Grief Talk helps individuals:

  • Share and hear intimate transformative experiences

  • Foster new relationships and connections

  • Gain insight and grow personally and professionally



Our fees vary based on what service(s) you require as well as the meeting location. Please contact us via our online contact form or call us at (706) 619-1600 ext 500 for a free initial consultation and to receive further information on pricing.



We offer other custom-priced packages for Life Coaching.  for individuals, groups, companies or organizations. We look forward to serving you!



*Important Note: The Grief Recovery Method is an educational program, not therapy or psychological treatment. 
Peacing Life Together is currently not accepting any form of insurance, but we do offer great payment plans.


Service Areas: Georgia, South Carolina, & North Carolina

"The Quality of Life Increases When Your Mindset Changes"

Shirlonda Evans-McCain

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