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Pledge your Affirmation:

In order to help others, I first must help myself. I will commit to lifelong learning and develop an entrepreneurial spirit to have a better chance in life. I am a leader and will take a stand by being a good example in my household, my community and in yours.

Stressed Woman

The Mindset Change Movement, Inc is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. 


Along with Peacing Life Together, LLC we can accomplish our mission in elevating the lives of individuals and communities




with free supportive services, life skills education, exterior clean-up efforts, and minor home repairs.



within a 1-mile radius of M. L. King Jr. Blvd in Augusta, GA.


The Mindset Change Movement, Inc. provides assistance in the 1-Yr Love & Prayer Works Experiment

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MCM Services


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MCM is taking life coaching to the streets. Every Tuesday between 10 am to 2 pm community residents can either call us (706-619-1600 ext. 501) or visit with us in front of Walker Car Care on 2141 M.L.King Jr. Blvd)

  • Free life coaching to enhance individuals with their personal & professional needs

  • Assist with filling out documentation such as employment, school, personal, grants, etc..

  • Give out resources as needed

  • Pray with others

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The MCM's virtual life skills education classes are tailored for individuals ages 18 and older to enhance life and coping skills.


In addition to conducting our training directly, The MCM also contracts with community-based organizations to help empower their clients to reach their full potential. All programs include a choice of one training class or a series of classes. 

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The MCM also provides exterior clean-ups and (minor home repairs (as needed). We believe that individuals can become products of their environment and circumstances. We are committed to assisting others in modifying and/or changing their environments in order to grow. Our monthly clean-up locations change. Register for location sites. Only serving the M. L. King Jr. Blvd district at this time.


To help our mission in assisting the elderly and disable residents we are in need of individuals who are in the construction industry who offers pro-bono services.

Are you a concerned citizen and would like to become one of our community supporters? The Mindset Change Movement collaborates with individuals, business owners, and community leaders to help give a hand up to communities who are in need.


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