Discovery Session

A discovery session is the best way to introduce you to life coaching, experience how it works, and see if we are a good fit.

30 min      $25.00

One-on-One Coaching
Monthly Subscription

(includes email communication between sessions)

Subscribing to PLT will allow you to meet with Coach McCain once or twice per month. Each session is 1 hour in length. In-person, telephone, or virtual sessions available. In these sessions, you will continue to work towards the goals and issues established in the complimentary meeting. Whether you subscribe for grief recovery and/or personal and professional growth we have the subscription you may need. 


Each subscription includes:

75 minutes ~ Zoom Call and/or email ~Monthly Newsletter

Coaching Packages

Congratulations on recognizing you could benefit from a Life Coach!  Now that you have decided to follow this path, whether it is in regards to trying to reach grief recovery and/or personal and professional growth you have the option to continue progressing by 4, 6, 7, 8, or 12 session packages.

Grief Recovery

6-Week Program 

Personal/Professional Growth

4 Session Package  

Moving Beyond Pet Loss

8 Session Package 

7-Week Program 

Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses. ​

12 Session Package  

Each package includes: 

75 minutes ~ reoccurring weekly sessions Monthly Newsletter ~ Workbook 

We offer group sessions, Please inquire how Additional Members can be added to sessions (1-4 more individuals)

Coaching Packages

Grief Recovery

  Grief Recovery Presentation


Grief Recovery 101 

 8-Week Grief Recovery Support Group


Community Educational Seminar 


Let's Talk About Grief!!

Helping Children with Loss 4-week program

Providers Support

2 to 4 Sessions 

Family Support Groups

On an as-needed basis

On-Call Coaching Support

Personal/Professional Growth

  Life Skills Presentation


     Mindset Change 101 

6-Week Life Skills Support Group


Mindset Change 102 

Life Skills Programs

Life Success Programs
(Youth (11-18), Adults, Parents

On an as-needed basis

On-Call Coaching Support


Our fees vary based on what service(s) you require as well as the meeting location. Please contact us via our online contact form or call us at (706) 619-1600 ext 500 for a free initial consultation and to receive further information on pricing.

*Important Note: The Grief Recovery Method is an educational program, not therapy or psychological treatment. 
Peacing Life Together is currently not accepting any form of insurance, but we do offer great payment plans.