A Book To Motivate Your Mind


"Mindset Change 101" is for people of all ages who are looking for personal or professional growth. This book is a prescription to address many of the challenges we face over our lifetime. You may be surprised to learn that you already possess some of the knowledge shared in this book about life skills. There are five skill sets discussed in the "Mindset Change 101;" quality of life, learning to learn, leadership, entrepreneurship, and community building. Each will help you to begin to take the proper steps needed to grow in any part of your life that you choose to work on.  



Throughout each Chapter, a series of questions are asked to jump-start your thinking process. Regardless of which chapter you choose to begin your journey, take the time to review and answer each question. Then act! This is a very important part of the mindset change process and it holds you accountable to “YOU.” Trust yourself enough to know that deep down inside you possess what it takes to overcome any obstacles that may be in your way.


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