Please find below some heartfelt testimonials from recent clients and friends about their coaching experience with us.



“First and foremost let me start by saying thank you so much Shirlonda Evans- McCain. I didn’t know which way to turn when I was starting my business. With her guidance a lot of things were clarified. I now know how to access the necessary information that is needed to build a strong foundation in starting my business. Thank you for your mentorship and inspiring words, “With God’s guidance anything is possible.”

- Stacey Blocker Atlanta, GA

“I heard about Peacing Life Together from the facilitator of a class I was enrolled in. She felt with my business endeavors it would be great for me. And it was! I've had business ideas for years and kept procrastinating - that is until a few weeks before the end of training with Shirlonda. Her sincerity, realness, and spiritual motivation truly helped me to "woman up" and complete tasks I was so hesitant to complete. I'm grateful to have met her and will continue to support PLT for these reasons.”

- Cheryl Stockbridge Augusta, GA

“I was feeling stuck and unmotived until I had the opportunity to work with Peacing Life Together. I have committed to moving forward in making real changes to have a better chance in life. Having a coach was so needed for me to shift my mindset about life circumstances.

“Mrs. Shirlonda has been a very helpful person throughout my life. Whenever I had any problems I would always call her for advice and her advice has always helped me out. She has encouraged me with my career goal, my marriage, and with my children. Mrs. Shirlonda has even helped me when I didn't ask for any help. She's a praying woman with a big heart to all she meets. I thank God for her friendship.”

- Elaine Davis-Nickson Conyers, GA

- Sophia Lovett Conyers, GA

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