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Just as the local hospitals serve their patients, Peacing Life Together, LLC and The Mindset Change Movement, Inc. resuscitate underserved housing communities within a 1-mile radius of M. L. King Jr. Blvd. starting in Augusta, GA. The founder and CEO, Shirlonda Evans, noticed many of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s streets around the world which are over 950 do not reflect his legacy
of love, peace, and hope. Instead, the streets are filled with pain, crime, and poverty that have been overlooked for many years. 

For these reasons, we are on a mission to encourage individuals to change their unhealthy mindsets and patterns to be able to build an impactful legacy and promote love for themselves and others. Our vision is to reach individuals within Augusta, GA, and around the world who want to help us revitalize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s streets. so they better reflect his legacy.

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Our targeted area has great potential because of the concerned residents, access to bus lines, nearby job opportunities, affordable homes to purchase, and local community resources. With our effects, this can become a domino effect in other cities around the world.

This is an enormous task that requires different components. Peacing Life Together, LLC (PLT) is committed to assisting with housing and supportive services while The Mindset Change Movement, Inc. (MCM) is committed to assisting with community development by changing mindsets. Both organizations work hand-in-hand to change the unhealthy mindsets and patterns that are attributed to poor housing, drugs, alcohol, gambling, among others that have been set before us for so many years.

PLT & MCM services

Real Estate Development

Our main focus is to revitalize the M. L. King Jr. Blvd district. To begin our effort Peacing Life Together has identified a specific area within the Turpin Hill community (15th Ave to Turpin St). These streets run parallel to M. L. King Jr. Blvd and Old Savannah Rd. Many properties in this area are in need of repairs or need to be rebuilt.

  1. Housing & Supportive Services Program

  2. Construction Project Management

  3. Assist Buyers & Sellers with Real Estate Transactions

  4. Scout New Home Building Opportunities 

Community Development


The Mindset Change Movement develops the community at large with the implementation of love gestures, prayer, clean-ups, and life skills education through our 1-Year Love & Prayer Works Experiment. 

Engagement Opportunities (July 2021 - Mar 2022):

  1. Personal & Professional Coaching

  2. Weekly Supportive Services 

  3. Monthly Prayer, Clean-up & Light Repairs

  4. Monthly Life Skill Education 

Community supporters

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Are you a concerned citizen and would like to become one of our community supporters? The Mindset Change Movement collaborates with individuals, business owners, and community leaders to help give a hand up to individuals who are in need.

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Hello, I am Shirlonda Evans, the Founder and CEO of Peacing Life Together, LLC and The Mindset Change Movement, Inc. As a real estate and community developer, my goal is to help elevate people and communities to a higher level. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Augusta University. I am a Realtor®️, Certified Professional Life Coach, Grief Recovery Method Specialist, Spiritual Advisor, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Presenter, and author of “Mindset Change 101”. All of which gives me the unique advantage to work with individuals and communities holistically.

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"Mindset Change 101" is for people of all ages who are looking for personal or professional growth. This book is a prescription to address many of the challenges we face over our lifetime. There are five skill sets discussed in the "Mindset Change 101;" quality of life, learning to learn, leadership, entrepreneurship, and community building. Each will help you to begin to take the proper steps needed to grow in any part of your life that you choose to work on.  

Book Will Be Available Soon

"In my experience with Coach McCain, she examines the levels of life and understands where a person is at so that she can coach someone on how to succeed even at their lowest point in life. She’s a strong, caring, and Godly woman who puts the peoples of this earth on the right track."

“I was feeling stuck and unmotivated until I had the opportunity to work with Peacing Life Together. I have committed to moving forward in making real changes to have a better chance in life. Having a coach was so needed for me to shift my mindset about life circumstances."

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